Sharing – the key to a purposeful life.

Everyone has something to share. You don’t need qualifications or certifications to be able to set up a sharing session.
SparkOn is the community that can help you find new purpose, make friends and feel less lonely. It was created for people just like you.

Learn something new today and pass the Spark on!

A community environment can greatly help in increasing interest in an activity. Meeting people from different walks of life and age groups and learning from each-others’ experiences can be a powerful motivator to continue the journey of learning for life.

Elon Musk’s space flights or play the guitar like a pro?

While we have the secret desire to learn something new, we end up making excuses. We either don’t have the time, we’re too old to learn, or just don’t think we have it in us. But none of these barriers are insurmountable.